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OnTrack The electronic newsletter of the international thermochronology community Ontrack 36 - Apr 2011 (Vol 18, Issue 2)

Editor: Kate Dobson University of Glasgow

In this issue...

Sample preparation for automated FT counting: Part 1Sample preparation for automated FT counting: Part 1 Andrew Gleadow Introduction: Automated counting of fission tracks, especially when combined with laser-ablation ICP-MS for analysis of uranium, requires a somewhat different approach to sample preparation to that used with conventional fission track dating techniques.  The following describes some of the procedures that we have found effective in the Fission Track Laboratory at the University of Melbourne.  These notes are not exhaustive but are offered as a guide to assist getting started with automated fission track counting using the Fission Track Studio suite from Autoscan Systems.   They may also be helpful for manual FT counting methods. Most of the methods described here are explicitly for making grain mounts of apatite in epoxy on glass slides. However many of the techniques will also be suitable for processing zircons, or other minerals.  As always, some experimentation will be required to adapt the suggested procedures to local conditions. For the greatest success in automatic counting of fission tracks it is essential that sample preparation be carried out to the highest standards.  Many of the polishing practices and shortcuts that have served well in fission track mount preparation over many years are no longer suitable...Read More >>
Thermal impact of the break-up of Pangea on the Iberian Peninsula, assessed by thermochronological dating and numerical modellingThermal impact of the break-up of Pangea on the Iberian Peninsula, assessed by thermochronological dating and numerical modelling Joaquim Juez-Larré*, M. Ter Voorde Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences, Vrije Universiteit, De Boelelaan 1085, 1081 HV Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Abstract Thermochronological studies of Variscan basement in Iberia yield cooling ages typically younger than ~200 Ma. In this paper, we explore the regional implications of this recurrent age maximum by examination of low and high temperature thermochronological datasets from all over Iberia. Based on these results, we show that in general the lack of cooling ages older than 200 Ma is the result of several important regional periods of thermal resetting. Resetting took place in areas of extension and burial during the Mesozoic break-up of Pangea. Evidence for large scale magmatism and mineralisation is found in Iberia during the Mesozoic, since at that time Iberia formed part of the Central Atlantic Magmatic Province and a large mineralization province extending from North Africa to Western Europe. Numerical modelling allows us to assess the conditions under which rocks in the upper crust may have been thermally reset and the mechanisms likely involved. Results show that active rifting combined with shallow magmatism, and to...Read More >>
New insights into the formation and annealing behavior of latent fission tracksNew insights into the formation and annealing behavior of latent fission tracks Bart W.H. Hendriks (1), Maik Lang (2), Weixing Li (2), Patrick Kluth (3), and Rodney C. Ewing (2) (1) Geodynamics group, Geological Survey of Norway, Trondheim, Norway ( Department of Geological Sciences and Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109, USA(3) Department of Electronic Materials Engineering, Physics Education Centre, Research School of Physics and Engineering, Australian National University, Australia The fission track dating technique, as it is used in geological studies, is largely based on mathematical fits to data for etched track-lengths as a function of temperature, time and composition. Observations of tracks in geological materials by techniques other than optical microscopy (e.g. Paul and Fitzgerald 1992; Jaskierowicz et al. 2004) are much less common. Consequently, the internal structure of latent (i.e., unetched) fission tracks is rather poorly known. In fact, the added value of using techniques other than optical microscopy to study fission track annealing behavior - in order to improve the geological application of the technique - has been questioned (Paul 1993) because the annealing behavior of latent fission tracks, as revealed by TEM...Read More >>
Thermal and exhumation history of the Coastal Cordillera arc of northern Chile revealed by thermochronological datingThermal and exhumation history of the Coastal Cordillera arc of northern Chile revealed by thermochronological dating Joaquim Juez-Larréa,*, Nina Kukowskib, Tibor J. Dunaia,1 , Adrian J. Hartleyc, Paul A. M. Andriessena a Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, De Boelelaan 1085, 1081 HV Amsterdam, The Netherlands.b Institut für Geowissenschaften, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, Burgweg 11, 07749 Jena, Germany.c Department of Geology & Petroleum Geology, University of Aberdeen, Meston Building, Aberdeen AB24 3UE, United Kingdom. The thermal and erosional history of convergent plate boundaries is important for understanding the links between subduction, arc magmatism, genesis of ore deposits, topography and climate of orogenic belts. Unlike the continent-continent collision that formed many of the largest orogenic belts known today, the Central Andes of South America is a unique case where an oceanic-continent collision has given rise to the Earth’s longest and second tallest orogenic belt. Over the last thirty years a plethora of models have been suggested in an attempt to explain how a plateau-type orogen formed at the leading edge of western South America. In the Central Andes most research has focussed attention on the study...Read More >>
Sandra Merten has completed her PhD Thesis "Thermo-tectonic evolution of a convergent orogen with low topographic build-up: Exhumation and kinematic patterns in the Romanian Carpathians derived from thermochronology" Sandra will defend her thesis on May 19, 2011. ( Diana Necea successfully defended her thesis "High-resolution morpho-tectonic profiling across an orogen: tectonic-controlled geomorphology and multiple dating approach in the SE Carpathian" last year on March 12, 2010 ( ...Read More >>
The 13th International Conference on Thermochronology, Guilin, China, 24-28 August, 2012 or The International Conference on Thermochronology is organized every two years. Following Thermo2010 in Glasgow, UK, Thermo2012 - the 13th International Conference on Thermochronology will be held from 24-28 August 2012 in Guilin, China. The meeting will also include different workshops and field trips before and after the conference. The purpose of the conference is to bring together an international group of scientists to exchange ideas and discuss all important aspects of thermochronology and its modern applications in the earth and related sciences. The Conference will provide an opportunity for young scientists to interact with eminent scientists and become acquainted with the latest developments in thermochronology. Guilin, in southern China, is famous for its stunning karst landscapes and is beautiful to visit in August. We expect over 300 delegates to attend the Conference including about 100 from China. We invite all those interested in all aspects of thermochronology, particularly low temperature thermochronology, to join us in Guilin, China, in 2012. We are seeking funds to support the Thermo2012 Conference, especially to provide financial assistance to our student delegates. Thermo2012State Key Laboratory of Geological Processes...Read More >>
Recent PhD Theses
The Topographically Asymmetrical Alaska Range: multiple tectonic drivers through space and timeThe Topographically Asymmetrical Alaska Range: multiple tectonic drivers through space and time Jeff Apple Benowitz PhD from the The University of Alaska, Fairbanks USA Supervised by Paul Layer (Defended April 2011) The topographically segmented ~700 km long Alaska Range evolved over the last ~50 Ma in response to both far-field driving mechanisms and near-field boundary conditions. To the east, the eastern Alaska Range follows the curve of the Denali Fault strike-slip system forming a large arc of high topography across southern Alaska.  The majority of the topography in the eastern Alaska Range lies north of the Fault. A large gap of low topography separates the eastern Alaska Range from the central Alaska Range where the majority of high topography lies to the south of the Denali Fault. To the west, there is a restraining bend in the Fault. Southwest of the bend, the north-south western Alaska Range takes an abrupt 90 degree turn away from the Denali Fault. This project is a collaboration with my fellow PhD student, Stephanie Perry, at Syracuse University under Paul Fitzgerald. Stephanie is focusing on the lower temperature thermochronological techniques and detrital thermochronology. I applied 40Ar/39Ar thermochronology to over forty granitic samples to...Read More >>
Ongoing PhD Projects
Temporal and Spatial Pattern of Exhumation in the Talesh Mountains, NW Iran The Talesh Mountains of NW Iran extend between two mountain belts of the Alborz Range in SE and the Lesser Caucasus in NW, forming a narrow gently curved N-trending range west of South Caspian Basin. The Talesh Mountains with steep slope SW retro-wedge and gentle slope NE pro-wedge provide a solid barrier between the Neogene basins of NW Iran and the South Caspian Basin The general proto-topography of the Talesh mountains is assumed to be emerged mainly in Eo-Oligocene ~32Ma. In this study we are going to unravel the Temporal and Spatial Pattern of Exhumation in the Talesh Mountains via combining stratigraphy, structural geology and Low Temperature Thermochronometry analysis (Apatite Fission Track and Apatite U-Th/He). Saeed Madanipour PhD Candidate Department of Geology, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran,Iran...Read More >>
Thermal evolution of Tasmania and transform tectonics of the South Tasman Rise This project aims to better constrain the thermal and structural evolution across Tasmanian (onshore) and the transform margin extending off western Tasmania and the South Tasman Rise (STR) (offshore). Tasmania and the STR lie in a crucial setting at the junction of two rift systems, which partially controlled Mesozoic E. Gondwana breakup. As the first apatite (U-Th-Sm)/He (AHe) study applied to Tasmania, the study will not only provide further spatial and temperature constraints, but also examine the quality of AHe ages obtained from mafic lithologies with lower U and Th content than felsic rocks and yielding less age dispersion. Mid Jurassic (~175-180 Ma) dolerite widely distributed across onshore Tasmania makes such a study possible. The dolerite forms part of the Ferrar Group continental flood basalt (CFB) emplaced prior to the E. Gondwana breakup. Its spatial/temporal distribution and chemical composition make it an ideal rock-type to document the regional post-continental breakup history and to test the influence of different parameters such as alpha-radiation damage and U and Th zonation on AHe age dispersion from a low eU perspective. Offshore, this study will apply a series of...Read More >>
Thermochronology and uplift of the eastern Tibetan Plateau The aim of this study is to quantify the spatial and temporal cooling patterns across the margin and some inner areas of the eastern Tibetan Plateau using a combination of thermochronology techniques (fission-track, (U-Th-Sm)/He and Ar-Ar). The results will be used to constrain when and how the plateau was uplifted, and how river erosion responded to surface uplift. The unique setting of the study region is the coincidence of relatively wet climatic conditions (~0.5-1m/a precipitation) and the presence of one of the steepest intra-continental topographic margins around the globe - Longmen Shan, across which elevations rise from ~500m in the Sichuan Basin to >5000m in eastern Tibetan Plateau within a distance of ~50 km. These differ markedly from other steep margins of the plateau, e.g. inter-continental and extremely wet climate conditions of the Himalayas (southern plateau margin with Indian subcontinent) and intra-continental and extremely dry climate conditions of Altyn-Tagh Shan (western plateau margin with Tarim Basin). The relatively wet conditions of the study area have facilitated head-ward river erosion, which in turn has deeply dissected the eastern Tibetan Plateau; but this process is still not well understood. The results of this study...Read More >>
Thermal evolution of the Ballenas Transform, Mexico The Gulf of California Extensional Province, Mexico, provides a unique opportunity to investigate the evolution of a relatively young sheared continental margin. This project aims to study the thermochronology, geomorphology and tectonics of the Ballenas Transform, in order to improve our understanding of how sheared continental margins develop over time. The study will use a combination of field measurements, low and high temperature thermochronology and computer modeling to investigate a section of coast adjacent to the transform margin. One aspect of this project will be the application of Apatite Fission Track (AFT) and (U-Th)/He thermochronology to help constrain both the timing and spatial extent of heating that occurred during margin formation. These new thermochronological constraints will be incorporated into thermal models in order to investigate the distribution of heat during margin formation. The results from this project will not only provide new constraints on the dynamic evolution of a relatively young transform margin, but may also provide an insight into the thermal evolution of older sheared margins. Sarah GoyenSchool of Earth Sciences, The University of Melbourne, AustraliaSupervisors: Andy Gleadow, Christian Seiler and Mike Sandiford...Read More >>
Laboratory Profiles
University of Tübingen, Germany

(U-Th)/He, Fission Track, and Cosmogenic Isotope Laboratories at the University of Tübingen Germany

Todd Ehlers started last fall as a full professor at the Institute of Geosciences at the University of Tübingen (Germany). The existing thermochronology facilities at Tübingen...Read More >>

Laboratory Profiles
University of Glasgow

Thermochronology Lab

Main Contact : Prof. Rod Brown

Geographical & Earth Sciences
Gregory Building
Lilybank Gardens
University of Glasgow
G12 8QQ

The University of Glasgow thermochronology laboratory has†full mineral seperation facilities, together with a dedicated mount preparation and polishing suite. The fission track lab itself has two Zeiss Axioplan 2 micrscopes (running FTStage 4.0) dedicated to fission track analysis as well as two lower magnification stereo microscopes for picking apatite and zircon for (U-Th)/He analyses.

Our (U-Th)/He analyses are performed at S.U.E.R.C, but all preparation can be done at the University of Glasgow. We...Read More >>

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